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A revised application to supersede application WA/2015/1328 on land behind the Church of St John the Evangelist, off Hale Road, Hale has been submitted to Waverley Borough Council, and a formal request to withdraw the original application has also been made.

The key concerns that arose from the public consultation held at the Six Bells Pub on 20th May 2016 were:

  1. Any impact the proposed housing would have on the existing properties located off Oast House Lane and to the west side of Upper Hale Road and that adjoin the application site
  2. Any impact on the A325 (Hale Road) with additional traffic


  1. Masterplan Redesign and Northern Boundary Setback

During the consultation it was clear that the relationship of the existing properties to the proposed masterplan dwellings along the site’s northern boundary was of particular concern. It was important for the amended scheme to address these concerns and so we have substantially revised the scheme layout following feedback from the May 2016 public consultation.

The amended scheme also addressed comments received by the Council throughout ongoing consultation to improve overlooking, layout and enhanced green play space with a landscaped led masterplan.

Images 1-6 below portray the difference between the 189 unit scheme and the 105 unit scheme, alongside comparative site sections through the northern boundary inclusive of the existing properties. These sections illustrate the improved relationship between all these properties. The revised scheme provides the following improvements:

  1. Increased separation distances with a range from 21.5 to 60m
  2. Flip unit orientation to avoid overlooking and improve privacy for existing units
  3. Removal of all rear garages that had previously provided a structure closer to existing houses than the proposed houses
  4. Improved landscaping to reduce visibility of the development
  5. Revisions to the overall layout so landscaping along the northern/eastern boundary would be controlled and maintained by a management company rather than private back gardens, ensuring continued enforcement of improvements


  1. Highways Concerns

Concerns were raised over the existing highways conditions in and around Farnham with tail-backs occurring around the Six Bells round-about, off which the A325 (Hale Road) emerges and from which provision is made for access to the site. Concerns were raised about the additional traffic that would be generated from the development and the impact this would have on the existing site junction.

In response to this we have engineered a new junction and site access from A325 (Hale Road) that has been consulted on and accepted by Surrey County Council Highways Department. The design approach deals with the technical matters but offers a simple design approach that will address traffic flows.

The Transport Assessment and Travel Plan that accompany the application set out the rationale and justification for the re-design of the junction and that the existing infrastructure would be able to accommodate the proposed scheme. To further support and underpin the junction re-design we have carried out a Safety Audit, additional traffic surveys (during May 2016) and vehicle speed surveys.

Image 7 below shows the location of the proposed junction in the context of the Six Bells Roundabout and the nearby Upper Hale Road traffic light junction. Images 8-11 offer clarity of how it would operate and interaction of the various traffic flows.

In addition to the above, key revisions – that have been made in response to feedback from the public, Council officers and statutory consultees – include:

  1. Reduction of 189 units to 105 units
  2. Increase in provision of SANG from 3.79 to 7.14ha
  3. Inclusion of additional play area with a LEAP/LAP
  4. Increased/improved permeability with Farnham Park and throughout the site

For more information please contact the project team on 020 7843 3195 or by email at info@haleroadhomes.co.uk

Images 1-6: Masterplan Redesign and Northern Boundary Setback
Image 7 – 11: Proposed junction and operation

Image 1

Image 1. Withdrawn Scheme for 189 units (ref: WA/2015/1328)


Image 2

Image 2. Revised Scheme for 105 units


Image 3

Image 3. Northern Boundary Plan before Consultation May 2016


Image 4

Image 4. Corresponding Northern Boundary Site Sections before Consultation May 2016


Image 5

Image 5. Northern Boundary Plan post Consultation May 2016


Image 6

Image 6. Corresponding Northern Boundary Site Sections post Consultation May 2016


Image 7

Image 7. Proposed junction re-design and site access off A325 (Hale Road)


Image 8

Image 8. Directional Traffic Flow to and from site


Image 9

Image 9. Existing passing traffic movement along A325 Hale Road


Image 10

Image 10. Incoming and Outgoing Traffic

  • There will be a right turn lane for drivers turning right into the site from the north and separate left and right turn lanes for drivers leaving the site.
  • There will be a ‘keep clear’ box on A325 Hale Road to assist movements to/from the site during periods of queueing.


Image 11

Image 11. Revised site access with severance of the existing access to the hotel and burial ground. Access will be maintained for all existing residents that use this road.